Technical and Quality

Together with our Business Partners,
we deliver Quality Goods with Reasonable Pricing

Merchandising Projects Management Team

Our team manages merchandising projects from product proposal to mass production with goal to achieve product requirements in agreed specifications and maintain product quality. We strive to improve products through innovation, quality control and analysing market feedback.

Smart Kitchen Projects Management Team

Our team handles new development of smart kitchen projects and new design applications in engineering. Through providing design and quality assessment and offering technical support to manufacturing, we ensure production and shipment quality.

Lab and Certification Team

Our laboratory's testing capabilities include but not limited to safety, reliability, construction, fit for use, temperature and humidity tests. We provide testing and certification document checks for all teams and actively participate throughout product development stages.

Our Technical and Quality division provides product quality assurance by having 3 Quality Monitoring Gates across 6 Key Project Stages. 

We also have a testing lab in Shenzhen and operate our own internal quality control system, supported by the 3 experienced teams.