Operations & IT

Our division is TGI's internal trusted
Integrated Solution Provider. 

We offer Expertise and ensure our teams and business partners have the right tools and resources
to deliver Quality Products & Services.

Digital Transformation

We build digital solutions to support the development and implementation of company strategy - to drive continuous business improvements and standardisation.

HR & Administration

We strive to shape, optimise and architect a compelling employee experience in their TGI journey continuously.

IT Infrastructure

By adopting an All Cloud Strategy and lean IT management, we strive to provide innovative, reliable and secure solutions.


Through our knowledge, experience and expertise, we provide our customers innovative and creative logistics solution, adding value all through the supply chain.


We strive to maximise brand experience and product protection, while minimise operational costs and environmental impacts.


We ensure sample delivery on time with strong protection and manage their lifecycles in Warehouse to maximise sample value.

Division Objectives

Support implementation of company strategy

Provide expertise and central project services

Build sustainable and profitable business model

Enhance communications and collaboration

Drive continuous improvements and standardisation

Implement culture of continuous learning and development