Grievance Mechanism (申诉机制)

​Through our commitment to corporate diligence, TGI desires to improve working conditions and develop human rights within our supply chain under the framework of the United Nations Guiding Principles.

TGI 希望通过我们对企业尽职审查的承诺,在联合国指导原则的框架下改善工作条件,并在我们的供应链中发展人权。

​TGI is providing all stakeholders the opportunity to contact us anonymously in case you or your employees are facing any form of grievance in the business with TGI. All matters will be handled with care by our top management.

因此TGI 为所有有权益关系者提供匿名地联系我们的机会,以防您或您的员工在与 TGI 的业务中面临任何形式的申诉。所有事项都将由我们的最高管理层谨慎处理。

​     Grievance Form (申诉表格)